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At Learn Build Play we want you to be able to build Roblox games you’re excited to share with people. Our first course, Create Games on Roblox, was designed to walk you through all the stages of creating a Roblox game. From installing Roblox Studio and creating your Roblox account all the way through scripting, data saves, and leaderboards. In the future we’ll be releasing many more courses. In the meantime, check out our blog for great articles like learning about the best Roblox asset packs for new developers.


Create Games on Roblox

Create your first Roblox game, no previous coding experience needed. This self-paced course provides step-by-step instructions and is suited for any age. Throughout this course you'll create a 13 obstacle Obby, learn about scripting, saving player data, basic modeling, and so much more. Start learning today, for free.