Every developer wants to get more players into their Roblox game. After all, we make games to share with others so they can play and enjoy them.

If you really want your game to have a chance of success you’re going to need to put in some effort. Each area you put effort into increases your odds of success.

I’ve grouped this article into two main parts.

First, you need to get players to actually play your game. Then, you need those players to continue playing your game. Both of these areas are important for long-term success.

Part 1: Get Players to Play Your Game

We need to get more players in your Roblox game and to do that we need to start by looking at everything outside of your game.

When you first publish your Roblox game you’re making critical decisions like choosing the name of the game, the icon, and what information is shown on the game page.

All of these decisions play a role in deciding if a player tries your game or not. But this is just half of the story, the other side is getting the game in front of those users so they even click on your game page.

Game Icon

Roblox Game Icons

You’ve just spent countless hours, potentially weeks and months, creating your game. Don’t spend two minutes on your game icon.

The game icon and game name are the first two things players see when browsing for a game to play. You want to draw their attention to your game. You want to almost tell a story with your game icon.

DIY Game Icons

There are lots of YouTube tutorials out there that will help you make a game icon that will get players interested in your game. They are just a short Google away.

The best thing about this is that it’s free. Lots of tutorials show you how to make an icon using free tools. I saw some using Paint.net, Gimp, and a few others.

You can spend as much or as little time as you want making your icon. The good news is you can always update it later. But still, I’d say spend an hour on it considering this best way to showcase your game.


If you really believe in your game, you have some money to spare, and you don’t want to be bothered making an icon yourself, you can freelance the work. Sites like Fiverr are great for this sort of thing.

I have gone down this route before and I had a good experience. While I suggest you look around and make your own decision, I used someone named Annie who currently has 4.9 stars out of 337 reviews. I’m in no way affiliated with this person but I wanted to at least give you a starting point if you were looking for someone.

Even if you don’t want to spend money on a freelancer you can always look at their portfolios to get inspiration on your own icon.

Game Name

Good game name with minimal icons

I’ll admit, this one can be a bit subjective. If it’s a good game the name doesn’t really matter. Still, there are some things to consider.

Is the name easy to remember? Is it similar to any other games out there? If you’re trying to create an original experience you shouldn’t have a name that is almost identical to an already popular game.

Also, Roblox gives some guidance on naming your experience. This mostly ensures your game is found organically through the discovery algorithm.

  • Keep the name consistent
    • This simply means don’t change it constantly!
  • Avoid spamming
    • Example: Choose “Obby Madness” instead of “Obby Madness OBBY OBBY OBBY OBBY”
  • Use emoji decorations sparingly
    • Adding one or two emojis can be ok but replacing letters with emojis or using an excessive amount can be harmful
Roblox Islands

Once a player clicks on your game icon from the Discover page you’re off to a good start. That means your game name and your icon are in good shape. Now, we need to make sure your game page is good.

This is where you can add gallery images or videos to showcase more of your game. A game icon is one little piece of your game. Use the gallery images to show off exciting aspects of your game that might make the user click that big beautiful green play button.

Game Description

Roblox Islands Game Description

Just like the images and videos, the game description is also important to bring new players into your game.

Usually, one or two lines of text giving a brief description of your game is good. You don’t want your users to have to read a wall of text to understand your game.

Follow that by adding some bullet points about what they can do in the game or important things. If you have promo codes for free items in your game you could also include those here.

Anything to make a player excited or curious about your game should be listed here. Remember to be concise and deliberate with what you put here.

Use Milestones to Offer Free Rewards

Free advertising is probably one of the best ways to get more players in your Roblox game. How might you do this? Give your players free rewards when they reach a milestone! This incentivizes them to help promote your game.

Start small and choose a metric you care about. Maybe it’s the number of visits, the number of favorites, or the number of Twitter followers. Then let your community know what that goal is and what the reward is.

You could say at 50 likes you get a code for 50 gold coins. Maybe at 2000 visits, you get a code for a new weapon.

The players who really like your game are going to want those extra rewards. They will help spread the word to get their friends to join the game.


While it might not seem that way, badges can be a good way to get more players in your Roblox game.

The great thing about badges is that they show up on a player’s profile. So when someone looks at a friend’s Roblox profile or even an influencer’s profile, there is a chance they will see your badges.

If you’re lucky they will click on that badge and then see which game it came from. This could bring someone into your game without you doing any advertising.

At a minimum, I’d say have at least one welcome bad that players automatically get from visiting your game.


If you ask anyone how to get more players into your Roblox game you will always end up with them saying to Advertise. Do you need to advertise? No. Can it help? Yes, but not always.

Let’s dive into this more.

If you’re an experienced developer or studio and you know that for every $1 USD you spend you will earn $1.05 back, then of course you will advertise. These studios have lots of monetization built into their game and they have the data showing people will spend Robux. You probably don’t.

I’d suggest organically growing your game before you advertise. We’ll get into that more in a bit but let me tell you why I say this.

If you’ve spent a week or two trying to get people to play, you see you have over 1,000 visitors but no one is still playing that means you have a problem. The good news is you didn’t spend money on advertising to learn that lesson. It just cost you time.

Now, hopefully, you can get feedback from people who played your game and make improvements. Once people start sticking around or you see your user base ticking up, then you could probably justify spending some money on advertising. This is because you know there is a high chance that if someone tries your game, they will come back.

If you still want to advertise then by all means give it a shot. I’m told that sponsoring your game so it appears in the discovery like any other game, instead of as a banner on the side, is the most effective.

YouTube Influencers

Hands down, the fastest way to get more players in your Roblox game is to use influencers. If a YouTuber or Twitch streamer plays your game and they have a significant audience that can bring a lot of traffic to your game.

To do this successfully this is going to require some time and luck on your part.

You’ll need to research a few influencers that you think their audience would enjoy playing your game. Then you’ll need to figure out how best to contact them. They probably list a contact e-mail on their YouTube or Twitch pages. Maybe even a Twitter/X direct message is the best way.

Most likely you are asking them to do this for free so keep that in mind. You should be nice and respectful when you reach out to them. They owe you nothing.

List out why you think they would enjoy the game and why their audience would enjoy watching it and also playing it. You could even add a special gift or achievement into the game for when they join and/or their community joins. Making it unique to them shows you put time and thought into asking them.

Now, remember what we talked about earlier? About making a good game icon and having a good game description? That all comes into play right now. You want this influencer to look at your game and see that it was made by someone who knows what they are doing.

If you’re lucky they’ll say yes and play your game on their stream. This will definitely get more players in your Roblox game. Whether they stay is another question.

Build Your Brand and Network

The best way to be successful in creating Roblox games is to build your brand. It’s easy to look at successful games with 1 Billion visits, thousands of active players, and social media accounts with over 50k followers and get discouraged. But remember this one simple truth, they all started at 0.

That’s your motivation. No one was born knowing how to make games in Roblox Studio. Everyone learned how to make games, no different than you.

The only difference is they didn’t get discouraged. They iterated, they kept pushing updates, they built communities around their game, they made friends with other developers, and they didn’t stop. I’m sure their first game was a flop, but they made the next one and kept going. That needs to be you.

Create a social media account and make posts about your game. You can even make a free WordPress site to document your development journey.

While this might seem silly, it’s not. This lets you build trust with others. When reaching out to that YouTube influencer you can link to your WordPress site. This is where they will see how much effort you’ve put into your game and how hard you are trying. This makes them want to help you.

All of this takes time and considerable effort but if you want to succeed in making Roblox games it’s necessary. Although it takes time it will be the easiest path to success.

Part 2: Get Players to Continue Playing Your Game

So you’ve got people to play your game? That’s great! Unfortunately, that’s just half the equation. Now you need to make sure your game is fun and has elements that bring players back.

Understand Why Players Are Leaving

As I mentioned previously, if you have a high number of visitors but no one is staying then there is probably some underlying issue you need to address.

It could be something as simple as there is a bug in your game tutorial that won’t allow players to make any progress. You can find this out by play-testing your Roblox game before you release it.

Maybe your game is too difficult? It could be a good idea to write a script that tracks a player’s progress. Then you can look at your data saves to understand where players are leaving or being disinterested in your game.

Ask for player feedback. People are happy to test a game and give feedback if you ask. Just be sure not to get offended if someone doesn’t like it. Maybe the game isn’t for them or maybe their points are valid. Keep an open mind.

Another thing to consider, maybe you’re marketing to the wrong audience? Be sure you understand who your key audience is and that you are using marketing channels that will get your game in front of them.

Badge Achievements

Roblox Badge Achievements

While we already talking about how Roblox badges can bring new players to your game, they can also keep players too.

Players like to collect items and also show off things they’ve done. Both of these ideas work in your favor.

If your game has players collecting coins, you could have badge achievements for reaching certain milestones. Give some badges early, picking up their first coin and again at ten coins. Then some harder badges, maybe after collecting 50,000!

You can also use badges as rewards for great feats. Maybe you have a very hard, nearly impossible Obby. Earning a badge and seeing that only 0.1% of players who have played have this would be a good feeling for a player.

Game Passes and VIP Items

Roblox Gamepass from Collect All Pets

Roblox game passes can help you build your community. Since players spend Robux to purchase a game pass they should offer the player unique perks.

This could be a bonus ability like a shield or the ability to sprint faster than normal. Maybe it’s a special car only VIPs can access. You could also create a special zone in your game that only players who bought the pass can access.

When a player buys a pass they are very likely to come back and keep playing your game. They enjoy the benefit and likely want to show other players they have a leg up.

Save Player Progress

No one wants to start at the beginning every time they play a game. You need to save your player’s progression.

This all depends on your game but it’s a simple concept. Do you have an Obby? Save how many of the obstacles they’ve completed and next time they join your game start them at the last one.

Does your game have a currency? If the player has earned 100 coins, they expect to have that when they play later.

Spend time on your data saves and make sure there aren’t any bugs.


Roblox Leaderboard

One of the best ways to keep players coming back to your game is by using leaderboards. These are in-game objects that display players ranked by some metric.

You can also have more than one leaderboard. Have one for top score, most time played, most days visited. All of these incentivize players to return.

When your game gets big enough you could even have weekly or monthly leaderboards. This helps new players enjoy your game. If someone just started they aren’t going to catch the number one player who has been playing for six months. But if you give them a weekly leaderboard they have a chance!

Daily Rewards

If you want to get more players in your Roblox game it’s good to already have people playing your game. This creates momentum and people are more likely to try a game that already has a good number of players.

One way to keep players coming back could be through daily rewards. Each day when a player logs in they receive an item. This could be a currency, a weapon, a new pet, the list goes on.

The more consecutive days they log in, the bigger the reward gets.

Timed Rewards

You can reward players for staying logged into your game. Similar to daily rewards, the reward itself is up to you as is the frequency.

Some games might reward every ten, fifteen, thirty, or even sixty minutes.

It’s important not to overuse these reward systems but if implemented well it can help you retain your players.

Consistently Update Your Game

Consistently updating your game is by far the best way to keep, and gain, players. The Roblox ecosystem has tons of games for players to choose from and new ones come out every day. You need to be able to deliver updates to your community on a schedule to keep them entertained.

From what I can tell, the sweet spot is every two weeks. This is long enough that you should always be able to deliver something but short enough that your player base won’t forget about you.

If you are just making a game to release and forget then chances are high your game will fail. You need to commit to your game, at least for a few weeks, with consistent updates to see if you can build a community.


Events are a great way to get more players into your Roblox game. Maybe you just released a new update that added farming into your game and now you have a farming event that offers unique rewards. That’s a great way to get people interested in your game.

You can also time events around the holiday season. It’s hard to go wrong with a winter-themed event during December.

When in doubt, make up your own event even if it’s silly. Maybe it’s a balloon event! You just need something to bring players together around a common theme, goal, or time-based rewards.

These events also keep the game fresh for your more consistent players.

Gather Feedback and Make Improvements

In order to keep players you need to always be making improvements to the game. This can be both easy and difficult at the same time.

It’s easy to fix bugs and glitches in the game that cause a poor player experience. Those are easy improvements and should be made. Things get more difficult when gathering feedback.

Before I get into this just know you should be gathering player feedback. Some of it’s going to be good and some not so good. Don’t take it personally.

With all this feedback you now have a choice to make. You, as the game developer, have a vision for your game. You now need to weigh the player feedback against your vision. Then make a decision.

Does their feedback fit with your original vision? Does it improve on your idea or does it take the game in a totally different direction? I don’t know the right answer for you but it’s something you’re going to have to consider.

When I launched my first game I received lots of feedback. Lots of it was good and I implemented it. Some of it I started to implement then I had to step back and ask if this really aligned with what I wanted to do. It didn’t, so I scraped it. It wasn’t that the player gave bad feedback, it just wasn’t the game experience I wanted.

Part 3: Keep Trying

Remember, it takes work to be successful. So keep trying. Use this article as a guide on areas you can improve on. Over time you’ll learn what works and what doesn’t.

Build the Next Game

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, we have to accept that something just isn’t going to work. Like the scene in Tick, Tick… Boom! sometimes you just need to write the next one, or in our case build the next one.

Every time you create something you learn something new. Each time you try to launch a game and are met with little or no success, that’s another lesson. As I mentioned, continuing to build your brand will help.

Get More Players In Your Roblox Game

We covered a lot of ways to get more players in your Roblox game and keep them coming back. You should now have a good idea of the different strategies you can pursue to make your game successful.

If you need some inspiration for your game updates you can check out our list of the best free Roblox asset packs for new developers. Knowing about those asset packs really helped my game development early on.

If you’re still new to creating games in Roblox you can check out our free course on making your first game. Even if you’ve already created your first game there is plenty for you to learn.

Best of luck to you on your game.